2019 is here!

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OUR 2019 Fundraiser is going to be huge


Thank you for joining us at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg

We hope you will join us at next year's annual gala, where 100% of the money raised will go directly to our innovative programming. Your support will be nothing short of mutually beneficial as you will be aligned with some incredible brands like VICE Media, Two Trees Management, Tito's Vodka, Hot 97, and many more.

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It all starts when…

Assistant Chief Maddrey goes head-to-head with one of the country’s premiere hip hop personalities: HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg. 

Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey

"Chief Maddrey" is the Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, which oversees ten (10) Patrol Precincts with over 3,000 members of service. As Commanding Officer he is responsible for all crime reduction strategies, community relations, and public safety issues including mayoral initiatives such as Vision Zero and Operation Ceasefire.

Assistant Chief Maddrey is a lifelong New Yorker. He moved to Queens at a young age and has resided there since.

Peter Rosenberg

As one of the country’s premiere hip hop personalities, HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg is revolutionizing the global hip hop landscape. Heard every weekday morning hosting “Ebro in the Morning”, Peter’s voice anchors one of New York’s most iconic and revered media brands. His quirky, honest, and unique spin on hip hop and pop culture, New York life, sports and politics, along with his ability to cross cultural boundaries and touch every facet of the media and entertainment businesses has garnered him millions of fans across the country, throughout the music, comedy, sports and news genres.

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Our Mission

NYC Together is a social justice organization bridging the gap between members of the NYPD and some of NYC's most vulnerable youth. 


The Program

At this year's 2018 celebration, we have some very special honorees. 

Our honorees are helping NYC Together interrupt this school to "prison pipeline" by shifting mindsets from what is to what could be. By pushing past the punishment paradigm in practice, we are  supporting the new  DOE and NYPD policies that are often challenging to implement because of traditional culture and norms. Our program supports officers in being true leaders in the community by bringing social justice tenets into their efforts, which promotes public safety. In their meaningful collaborations with local youth, officers create powerful alternatives to conventional, adversarial responses to crime and disorder.

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Michael Kenneth Williams

Michael is one of TV’s most respected and acclaimed actors. By bringing complicated and charismatic characters to life, Williams has established himself as a gifted and versatile performer with a unique ability to mesmerize audiences with his stunning character portrayals.

Lieutenant Dave Siev

This Queens native always dreamed of becoming both a cop and a boxer. Today, he has attained both of those dreams—and much more. He took over the NYPD’s Fighting Finest Boxing Team in 2001 and has seen it grow from a loose-knit organization to one of international prominence.

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Richardson Hitchins

This 19-year old Brooklyn native, didn’t have much money growing up, but his mother did what she could. They set out to find a gym and found Atlas Cops and Kids boxing gym, a place he would eventually call home. It not only became a safe-haven for Hitchins, but would eventually build him into an Olympian.

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Dominic J. Dupont

Dominic J. Dupont is back home in Brooklyn after serving 20 years in prison, Dominic was granted an executive clemency in 2017, by Governor Andrew Cuomo based on his leadership and positive impact within the prison system. After his release in 2018, he immediately began implementing what he had learned during his incarceration to make himself an asset and a resource in his community.

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Tickets to our Annual Event

Working in collaboration with the NYPD, Together fosters meaningful relationships between officers and youth, spurring each to become change agents – altering the traditional narrative that these two groups must be adversarial. Since inception in 2015, 80% of students saw an increase in their grades, absences dropped an average of 38% – some students even received recognition for perfect attendance, and most notably, 98% of seniors have graduated high school. The program is built on education, empowerment, service and professional development but is bound by the principles of love, support and inclusiveness..



Of students improved grades



drop in absences



of seniors graduate high school

North Brooklyn is a place where innovation in policing and community building is vibrant and ever growing. Programs like NYC Together help us ensure young people are getting the resources and support they need. Moreover,  this program provides meaningful opportunities for my officers to interact with youth in a non-crisis moment so if there is ever a community safety issue they are comfortable with us and willing to be our partners in making sure their community is safe. I am thrilled to see participants from this program graduate and go on to college.
- Assistant Chief Maddrey, Patrol Borough Brooklyn North
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